Pharma Packaging and Labelling Asia 2011

时间: 2011/6/27 至 2011/6/29
主办单位: IBC Asia
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The global pharma industry was impacted negatively in June 2009 when China-made drugs were seized in Africa, being labeled as “made in India”. Till this day, this sobering news still serves as a warning to all who are involved in pharmaceutical packaging and labelling. In response to this incident and since then, anti-counterfeiting measures were enforced more rigorously as regulatory bodies and industry realized the importance and dangers involved.

By 2013, the global pharmaceutical packaging market size is expected to reach US$62.3 billion with Asia-Pacific showing the most robust growth. A recent Freedonia Group reported that China will become the region''''s largest pharmaceutical packaging industry growth promoter with growth rates expected to reach 11.5%.

With all these factors coming together as well as the world economy still emerging from the global crisis, IBC’s Pharma Packaging and Labelling Asia 2011 is the ONLY event in the region to explore the latest in this industry. We will be addressing the main concerns of reducing costs and differentiating competing offerings. while maintaining the integrity of drugs for patients and minimizing the risk of counterfeit.

Take this opportunity to find out the latest in pharma packaging and labelling in order to make your own informed decisions. Meet with industry experts to hear and anticipate the future for how pharma products will eventually be presented to prescribers and patients.


5 Reasons To Attend

  1. This is the ONLY conference in Asia addressing the pharma industry’s needs with regards to packaging and labelling
  2. Learn from and personally meet senior executives from major pharma companies and see how they deal with the increased regulatory and consumers’ needs
  3. The most comprehensive event highlighting key challenges in the industry, including regulatory requirements, anti-counterfeit features, aesthetic appeal and preservation of drugs in tropical climates
  4. Gather the latest insights from regional companies and MNCs about their strategic decisions impacting costs, increasing profitability and fighting counterfeiters
  5. Gain awareness of external factors and changing target market behaviours and needs that will influence the way you label and package your drugs


What''''s New?

  1. MORE regulatory presence, dictating in more detail packaging and labelling compliance requirements
  2. Applying and optimizing use of packaging innovations and technologies to differentiate your offerings, reinforce branding and ensure patient compliance
  3. How is the region’s rapidly ageing population giving rise to different consumer packaging and labelling needs?
  4. Understanding how track and trace methods and technology has evolved and how companies are implementing this as part of their way to increase supply chain efficiency as well as combating pilferages and counterfeiting
  5. Emphasis of creating the most efficient form of packaging that minimizes impact on the environment and maximizes each step in the supply chain



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